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Tat [21 May 2008|07:34pm]
I just got my first tattoo! Very scary, but exhilirating. I ended up getting a tribal scrawl down my left backside. I am in love
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Vote for JESS! [19 Dec 2007|06:56pm]
Please vote for my friend Jess as the best cam girl!
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[05 Dec 2007|04:53pm]
I burned my dinner and now the apartment smells. Poor roomies. It is getting cold!
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yess [25 Jul 2007|02:10pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Germany was beautiful, fun, different, exciting, and real. It was nice to get away, but I am back in reality now. I have been working about 4 days a week at the club, and in my spare time, drawing and visiting grandma. In a few months I hope to take a trip out to Portland to visit family. I'm thinking I need to get a more "professional" part time job to fill up space on my resume. But we shall see. <3

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[19 Feb 2007|09:25pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

So not much has changed. Going to school, working the night shift, loving the people closest to me. But, I have met some new friends which helps keep me sane and gets me through the week. Derek is a guy in one of my classes and reminds me of an old boyfriend. He is a vegan and sells suits part-time. He has a beautiful heart, except when he is around his girlfriend, which is odd, but forgivable. I saw Pan's labyrinth. Really a great movie that I would recommend. Also Bloc Party's new CD came out. I loved their last one and can only hope this one will be as good. I haven't really had the time to give it a fair chance. Peace

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[26 Nov 2006|02:27am]
I had a decent Thanksgiving. It was great to see all the people Ive been missing back home. I did spend a little to much time with the fam tho. And this is the first Thanksgiving my man and I have officialy spent together. Sometimes I am afrid the relationship is peaking, eventhough he talks of us spends the rest of our lives together. idk its hard for me to swallow the whole marriage thing. I do want kids for sure in the future, but thats a whole nother story. On the positive side I went to the mountains on Friday and drank a little too much, and let go.
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[05 Nov 2006|10:21pm]
I had the best weekend over on the coast. So many nice people, drunk and mellow. But now its back to work and school. Time is so fleeting yet we spend our time like we are actually going to acomplish something permanent when nothing is.
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x-flies [19 Oct 2006|11:14pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I saw a picture of my ex today and it made me cry. wtf I am so over him!

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[06 Sep 2006|08:13pm]
My sister came to see me this week. What I expected and less. Her life is completely disproportionate to mine. I wish we were close. I guess we have no webs to tangle.
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[24 Aug 2006|07:48pm]
I am missing my love so much right now. I know others who are dealing with the same situation. Hopefully all will work out. I like being by myself but I hate being lonely.
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[11 Jul 2006|01:42am]
[ mood | drained ]

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[26 Jun 2006|09:01am]
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[25 Jun 2006|08:51am]
I am so loving the postsecret website. I think its something everyone can relate to. Also when does season 3 of Nip/Tuck come out? I can't wait much longer.
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[30 May 2006|10:19pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

finally finished one year of school and now its on to the next. I went camping this weekend. Not much of a camping girl eventhough I do enjoy the stars... when you can see them. Plus it was unfavorable weather-hot as hell and then turns to ice at night. I need to buy a new comp. but can't decide where to throw my money.

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[20 Feb 2006|10:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So lets see. Things are finally moving in a positive direction in some aspects of my life. I just hope it doesnt try to counter-balence itself out. FInding love is always a good feeling, its just the end and crash thats so impossible for me to deal with. Don't get me wrong, Im no Elizabeth Wurtzel, but I can have a rather arduous time of moving on... but for now we shall see.

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[13 Nov 2005|01:36pm]
SO much is always happening.. Its easy to forget. Work is picking up with the season, which is both a (+) and (-). Part of me missus having that other half, and the other one doesnt. Its easier for me to just imagine him dead than changed.
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happy [22 Sep 2005|12:20am]
Well I got tickets to Bright Eyes and Death Cab in November at the Moore and Paramount. Thanks Jen you Rock!
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[18 Sep 2005|07:25pm]
Seattle is so beautiful this time of year.

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[18 Sep 2005|01:01pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I really like "The L Word". The episode when Jenny says 'ask you sister when was the first time she was violated by a man, not if' (or something along thoes lines) because every woman has. After her roommate violated her. And I finaly know. Dont ever believe a man when he says he won't.

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Stop [31 Aug 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

How can I stop worrying about things that I cant control. Just a pointless use of mind productivity.

Creation seems to come out of imperfection. It seems to come out of a striving and a frustration, and this is where I think language came from. It came from our desire to transcend our isolation and have some sort of connection with one another. And it had to be easy when it was just simple survival. Like the word water, we came up with a sound for that, or saber tooth tiger right behind you, we came up with a sound for that. But when it gets really interesting is when we use that same system of symbols to communicate all the abstract and intangible things that we're experiencing. What is frustration? Or what is anger? Or love? When I say love, the sound comes out of my mouth and it hits the other person's ear, travels through this byzantine conduit in their brain, through their memories of love, or lack of love, and they register what I'm saying and they say yes, they understand. But how do I know they understand, because words are inert, they're just symbols, they're dead, you know? And so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed. It's unspeakable. And yet, you know when we communicate with one another, and we feel that we've connected, and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion. And that feeling might be transient, but I think it's what we live for.


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